When selling any property, the Form 1 is crucial to the process and contains all the details that relate to the property that must be disclosed to potential buyers, and as a legal requirement it must be complete and accurate. The Form 1 needs to be prepared properly by an experienced professional. That’s where you need a Conveyancing firm you can rely on to take on that responsibility for you.

The Form 1 details specific aspects of the property and summarises the statutory and government searches. Once a contract is signed, the Form 1 is issued to the purchaser to initiate the cooling off period, so it must be prepared in a timely manner to avoid any delays.

Whether you are a private seller, Real Estate Agent or Solicitor, we provide our service to anyone in the industry that requires an experienced Conveyancer to deliver a Form 1 that you can rely on. We pride ourselves on handling the task in a way that makes it all a hassle-free experience for our clients.

We can provide affordable and speedy service because we’re experts in this field. You can trust that your Form 1 will be completed accurately and efficiently, meaning that both the form 1 and associated searches will be available for you and your Real Estate Agent as fast as possible.